Barking Mad Cosmetics Are Clinically Tested

On a recent clinical trial, run at the very prestigious Princeton Consumer Research, 200 men and women were asked to use the product on half their face for a one month period so scientists could evaluate both sides of the face for pollutants. Ultra violet light photography was used on the side treated with the cream and the side that had no treatment, at baseline, week 1, week 2, week 3 and finally week 4. It was clear to see from the data that the side untreated had continued to collect pollution particles compared to the side which was treat, that showed a massive decrease in the pollutant particles that that side of the face had picked up.

Conclusion: Using BMC Night cream before you go to bed, and a cleanse/wash in the morning before applying the all day moisturizing facial cream, can protect you from the damaging effects of pollution as well. 


Outdoor Pollutants

Air pollutants can erode the ozone layer, allowing ultraviolet radiation from the sun to come through the upper layer of the atmosphere. This can this lead to skin cancer, free radicals and pollutants absorbed through the skin.


Indoor Pollutants

Indoor pollutants such as creosote from stoves and fireplaces and particles from pressed wood products and foam insulation can cause dry skin and skin irritation and rashes.


Premature Ageing

Air pollutants rob skin cells of oxygen, which can make the skin look dull and sagging. As you get older the body’s ability to fight free radicals diminishes.

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