All About Barking Mad Cosmetics

Founded in 2017 by Scott Hutchison, BMC has grown rapidly due to its ground breaking, specially formulated products. Scott began his career in the cosmetics industry, in product development. Over the past 5 years, Scott has been developing his own product line looking at specific causes for early onset ageing.

For the past couple of years, Scott has been working with members of the scientific community, looking at how pollution effects the skin, looking at possible ways to slow down the signs of ageing instead of trying to reverse the signs of ageing when it’s just too late.

Scott has gained a wealth of experience and expertise in several research fields of the cosmetic industry. Which gave him the courage and inspiration to come up with BMC, a company dedicated to research and cost effective, efficatious products that work, at an affordable price for all.

Barking Mad Cosmetic’s Products

Your skin is the biggest organ on your body. Over the past 5 years, people have started to recognize the importance of taking care of vital organs by eating clean, quitting smoking, joining the gym. Now we are more aware of environmental factors that lead us to have bad skin issues and premature ageing.

Protection from pollution and other oxidants is vital, and even better if you can do this from an early age. We truly want our customers to stay fresh, healthy and youthful by simply #HOLDINGBACKTHEYEARS

Our products have been specially designed to benefit people of all ages, starting from as young as 20. We believe in holding back the signs of aging by encouraging people to use skin care products early in life and reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. ​

People are quickly now beginning to understand the damage environmental factors such as pollution is having on our skin. Living in cities, it is impossible to escape the nasty bacterias lingering around from car exhausts etc. So instead of trying to escape it, protect yourself from it.

Barking Mad Cosmetic’s Mission

“Developing a product line that works against pollution and actually has benefits for the skin, has always been my main aim, but, it was important to me that the products were not only available to those with an endless budget.

I wanted to make sure that BMC is a cost effective way to healthy skin and a great look for everyone, regardless of who you are”

Scott Hutchison, CEO & Founder, BMC Corp