At BMC, we have a mission to provide you with the best products we can at a price that is affordable to everyone. We are a global company, based from our head office in Tampa Florida, that can source the finest ingredients anywhere in the world.

We look everywhere to bring you the combination of products that work well together and give you the look and feel you want. We are committed as a company to NOT TESTING ON ANIMALS. This is one of the corner stones of our product range and no BMC product will ever be tested on an animal.

We do take your safety seriously though, because of this, we have a high level of clinical testing requirements to make sure our products are safe and that they all do the job they are being sold to do. BMC has a yearly clinical testing budget of over $1 million USD. To develop clinical safety and efficacy reports on our product lines.

Our commitment is simple, we will ONLY provide you with products that are safe and that work. Nothing else will do.

For over a year we have worked with the prestigious Princeton Consumer Research in Princeton NJ to conduct several rounds of testing for us. These tests are the proof behind our claims, you can see more about them on our YouTube channel by clicking here​

And if your interested, check out our ‘’science’’ tab for all the reports our products have produced over the past year of development here

BMC does not perform any animal testing whatsoever. Our commitment to proving safety and efficacy of our products is 100% strong but all of our testing on our products are only conducted on human volunteers, through the process of controlled clinical trials. In fact, we are proud supporters of the Leaping Bunny organization and show the badge proudly on our website.

All of our products are tested on a variety of skin types. During our clinical trials, we make sure that the organization we work with, performs the testing in a mix of geographical locations, and on a whole range of skin types.

The products are suitable for sensitive skin, are hypoallergenic and clinically proven to work on all skin types.

Simply go to the ‘Shop’ page and click on the product, once you’re happy with it, add it to your bag – you can then click the bag and follow the check out process.​​

Once payment has been received we aim to get your products out within 24 hours. Specific time to your address will depend on which option you paid for at check out.

All payments are taken securely through our encrypted payment gateway.

Because of the types of products we sell, we cannot accept returns of used products. A used product in the Bento box means we cannot resell it. However, we want to always see you happy so we want to make sure you have a great experience with our range.

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