Wherever you live, you’re likely exposed to at least some level of airborne pollution. Try the following tips to help keep your skin looking young:

1. Cleanse thoroughly! Maybe you skip washing your face at night sometimes, especially if you’re not wearing makeup. But getting that pollution off your skin is just another reason why you must cleanse thoroughly—especially at night—if you want to maintain young, vibrant skin AND HOLD BACK THE YEARS.

2. Hydrate: Hydrated skin is healthier skin. That means it’s better able to protect itself from environmental stressors. Once skin becomes dry, the outer layer is compromised, which can create tiny cracks in skin that allow impurities through. Your skin has a natural barrier that it uses to protect itself. Keep this barrier healthy by always keeping skin properly hydrated. Never let it get dry and tight! Moisturizer twice a day, before you go to bed after a cleanse and first thing in the morning before you leave for work is the best times!

3. Exfoliate: This is part of any healthy skin care regimen. Exfoliation offers an extra cleansing opportunity that gets deep into your pores to remove impurities. Try BMC exfoliation products to thoroughly exfoliate and give your skin a polished look.

4. Feed your skin antioxidants: Antioxidants are your best defense against environmental stressors. That means that to keep your skin looking young, you want to get more of them inside and out. Your healthy diet provides the inside delivery— things like fruits, veggies, tea, and dark chocolate are all full of healthy, protective antioxidants your skin needs. Plant-based skin care products provide outside delivery—things like superoxide dismutase (in our Night time anti-aging cream), Plant Stem Cells, and vitamin C, which are all powerful topical antioxidants that go to work protecting.

5. Protect: You hear it all the time—but how do you protect the skin? Well, BMC products are specially formulated and clinically proven to protect the skin against everyday pollutants in the air. BMC products have been shown to protect the skin from pollutants and have shown a 98% decrease of particles accumulating on the skin, than not using the products.